Online Clothes Shopping – 100 Line Icons
Series of 100 pixel-perfect icons, created by influence of Black Friday, online clothes shopping and e-commerce.
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This set includes icons of outerwear, jewellery, overalls, boots, heels, shoes, dress, pullover, t-shirt, mascara, watches, trousers, gloves, skirt, hairdresser, sale badge, tie, shorts, jacket, jeans, swimsuit, hoodie, sneakers, bag, underwear, handbags, purse, clutch, cap, lingerie, vest, menswear, kidswear, cosmetics, shipping, e-mail subscription, wishlist, hat, belt, open sign, wallet, callback, glasses, bibs, socks, customer profile, delivery man, cart, credit cards, online consultant, partnership, gift card and many more shopping related topics.
What’s inside the box?
  • 100 unique icons (200 in total, 100x Outlined paths, 100x Live stroke).
Master File of all 100 icons:
  • Live Stroke: AI (CS4), PDF, SVG and EPS (CS4) Files
  • Outlined paths: AI (CS4), PDF, SVG, EPS (CS4) and PNG Files.
Individual Files/Artboards of all 100 icons:
  • Live Stroke: AI (CS4), PDF, SVG and EPS (CS4) Files.
  • Outlined paths: AI (CS4), PDF, SVG, EPS (CS4) and PNG (128x128 px, 256x256 px, 512x512 px) Files.
What makes Set so special?
  • Live stroke & outlined stroke icons available to suit your design from 1 pt upwards.
  • We've prepared the most commonly used formats for Mac and Windows customers.
  • Neatly organized icon, file and layer structure for better workflow experience.
  • Pixel perfect. Perfection in details and consistency control where every pixel is set to it’s place.
  • Carefully handcrafted icons usable for digital design or any possible creative field.
  • Suitable for print, web, symbols, apps, infographics.