Food Illustration Set
Food Illustration Set is a hand drawn collection of 120x restaurant food, cocktails, coffee, seafood, meat, fruits & vegetables icons.
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Use Adobe Illustrator to create stunning brand identity, restaurant menu, logo design, social media.

List of hand drawn icons: cocktail, alcohol drinks, coffee, tea, breakfast, dinner, lunch food, croissants, waffles, macaroons, candy, ice cream, wedding cake, donuts, eggs with bacon, bread, sandwiches, burgers, french fries, hot dog, soup, wok, sushi, dumplings, seafood, fish, steak, meat, chicken, pizza, pasta, lasagna, fruits & vegetables, cheese & honey, grill, menu, chef's hat, apron, corkscrew, cutlery.
What’s inside the box?
  • 120 food and drink icons (120x Outlined paths, 120x Live stroke).
Individual Files/Artboards of food icons: 
  • Live Stroke: AI, PDF, SVG, and EPS Files.
  • Outlined paths: AI, PDF, SVG, EPS and PNG (160x160 px, 320x320 px, 640x640 px, 1280x1280 px) Files.
What makes Set so special?
  • Everything is fully editable (colors, stroke width).
  • Carefully handcrafted botanical illustrations usable for bakery, pastry, restaurant, coffee house, bar, brewery, vegan, healthy food, organic food, market, farmers market, wine shop, catering, cooking school, food truck, gourmet, food delivery service.
  • Great for logo, branding, decor, decoration, invitation, greeting cards.
  • Live stroke & outlined stroke icons available to suit your design from 0.3 pt upwards.
  • We've prepared the most commonly used formats for Mac and Windows customers.
  • Neatly organized icon, file and layer structure for better workflow experience.
  • Pixel perfect. Perfection in details and consistency control where every pixel is set to it’s place.
  • Suitable for print, web, symbols, apps, infographics.